Competition Categories


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Core Resources Manufacturing and Extraction Design CompetitionPackaging Design CompetitionMaterials, Building Components and Texture Design CompetitionSales, Contact Center and Customer Service Design Competition
Furniture and Homeware Design CompetitionGraphics Design CompetitionCar and Land Based Motor Vehicles Design CompetitionEnergy Products and Devices Design Competition
Pet Supplies and Products for Animals Design CompetitionAwards, Prize and Competitions Design CompetitionFashion and Jewellery Design CompetitionMultidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Design Competition
Digital and Electronic Devices Design CompetitionAgriculture, Horticulture and Fisheries Design CompetitionFood and Culinary Design CompetitionExcellence in Design Competition
Event and Happening Design CompetitionInformation Processing Tools Design CompetitionEducation and Training Content Design CompetitionTextile, Fabric, Textures, Patterns and Cloth Design Competition
Landscape Planning and Garden Design CompetitionInterface Design CompetitionHuman Resources and HR Programs Design CompetitionDesign Award Competition
Yacht and Marine Vessels Design CompetitionWriting, Literature and Content Design CompetitionEngineering and Technical Design CompetitionFuturistic Design Competition
Unexpected Design CompetitionMusic, Audio and Sound Design CompetitionHome Appliances Design CompetitionManufacturing and Processing Machinery Design Competition
Interior Design CompetitionIdea Design CompetitionMovie and Animation Design CompetitionComputer Graphics and 3D Model Design Competition
Meta, Strategic and Service Design CompetitionLighting Design CompetitionHeavy Machinery Design Competition
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